A Change In Lifestyle

Universally there are about four simple things that everybody can do to maintain good health, Proper Sleep, right nutrition to cater your body needs, exercise to keep your body fit and active, Meditate to keep your mind free from pressure,stress and strain.

On the daily basis pay attention to a few things like good sleep, healthy loving relationships, movement (exercise) to achieve holistic wellness.

Make reasons to move, have an evening walk with your spouse, children, friends, and pets. eat healthy food, sleep well, meditate and be loving in your relationships, that’s the least you can do it, change your lifestyle  to change all your biology of your body, then you can see how that is very much connected to our financial well-being, community well-being,  social well-being, your career well-being, Those are all important components and there are ways to change all of that, many people talk about ever have time to meditate, our minds are so active and always occupied with thoughts, hundreds and thousands of thoughts in a day.



SLEEP:  Click This Link To Read More On Effects Of Sleep On Wellness 

The first is sleep, many of us are chronically sleep-deprived, and most people don’t get enough sleep, so I think emphasizing eight hours of quality sleep for most adults is a real key to good health. Sleep helps boost the immune system helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, improves mood, sleep is a real key to overall health.

Make sure you’re getting adequate rest every night, when you sleep your body regulates the hunger suppressing hormone imbalance, which keep your metabolism.

National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep and teenagers get around 8 to 10 , this amount increases the younger a person is,  newborn babies needing 14 to 18 hours of sleep for optimal health.

Is Sound Sleep Very Important For Wellness? 


The second key is nutrition, most people are fairly aware that a high-fiber low-fat diet is generally best, try to emphasize the plant-based diet; many people prefer vegan diet,  as meat-based diet  hinders  spiritual practice, meat is a grosser food and it tends to create grosser thinking.

Make sure that we have probably three to four servings of fruits and vegetables every day, many people are really conscious about carbohydrates which are important, you may consume some dry-fruits in the morning diet.

Carbohydrates are an important part of the diet, but we want to really have more complex carbohydrates, less of those simple sugars and starches more whole grains.


The third key to overall health is exercise; most of us really need to find a way to incorporate exercise into our daily schedule.

Regular exercise must be incorporated to our daily routine, ideally that should be 30 to 60 minutes, five or six times a week would be great, three sessions of 30 to 60 minutes of some kind of cardiovascular exercise every week is really helpful to your overall health.

It is recommend that most people visit a primary care doctor on a somewhat regular basis, that basis may vary depending on the age of the person but for most people once a year is a good rule of thumb.



We must take a minutes of our time for meditation on a daily basis,  sitting down quietly observing what is going inside, feeling our body and giving some relaxation commands to all parts of our body, so that you when we come out of the meditation, we feel light and energetic.

 self reflection, who am I, what do I want, what’s my purpose,  this kind of introspection helps us open the heart, it actually sets off in your consciousness,  what we call synchronicity,  so that either we get answers as epiphanies or coincidences or relationships,  and thus the quality of our life improves, 10 minutes of this every morning observing our body,  asking meaningful questions makes us more restful, more energetic,  the quality of asleep is better and whatever we do is more dynamic and effective and we tend to take wise decisions.

There are several positive side effects of meditation, the first and foremost, of course you have more consciousness feeling, more awareness of what’s happening around you, and thus you take the opportunity what people call good luck, which is nothing but  result of using an  opportunity combined with awareness and wise decisions at right time.

Top Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle:

First tip is to cut out processed foods and eat your favorite ways, just eat naturally, healthy and raw.

Make juices, now you can buy fresh pressed juice with a lot of pulp, using some carrots and apples and kale, you can use whatever you’d like, this is a great way to get your greens in, it’s going to deliver vitamins and nutrients to your body and it seriously tastes so good, You can even taste the green and smoothies, they are another great way to fuel and nourish your body, and the awesome thing about smoothies and juices is that they’re already blended up, they give your digestive system a little bit of a break.

Avoid carbonated drinks; we’re going to have to touch on this sooner or later about replacing soda, tea or carbonated water, with something, to ideally with herbal tea or green Tea.

Look up new recipes online, but you will feel immediate results in your body when you cut out sodas, you’re going have a lot more energy, you’re not going to be tired,  your blood sugar levels are going to be a lot more stable,  overall you’re going to feel a lot better when you cut out carbonated drinks.

More  that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, that is unacceptable,  drinking water is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get you feeling and looking your best, grab a cute water bottle and drink half of your body weight in ounces per day, if you really don’t like water you can try spicing up your water by adding lemon or frozen fruit to it, something to give it a little bit more of a taste,  you may also try adding lemon and frozen blueberries to your water, this might sound a little weird but it actually tastes really, really good,  it’s super refreshing and it add a little bit of sweetness to your water.

Being healthy goes so much deeper than being in top physical shape, oftentimes we overlook our emotional health because we view health as a superficial idea limiting it to how our bodies look.

So write in your journal or take a bubble bath and start taking care of yourself from the inside out, even exercise goes far beyond just shaping how our bodies look it helps relieve stress produce feel-good hormones in our bodies.

Have a good night’s sleep, planning out your workout the night before along with setting out your workout clothes so that you have no excuse when it comes time to start your workout.

The most important thing to remember when creating the habit of exercise is to do something you love, if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, you will not be able to stick to a plan of exercise for a long time.

so figure out what you like, do you like long walks, quick jogs, find what works for you and do what works for you, there is no better time to begin your healthy lifestyle than today, in fact the only thing we are ever completely sure of is right now in this moment, the future is never guaranteed so why wait to start living a beautiful healthy active life.


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